TDEE Calculator – Get Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

What is TDEE?

TDEE- Total Daily Energy Expenditure is an estimation of how many calories expend our body daily on our daily activity. To understand TDEE we need to understand BMR.

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate which defines the calories need to maintain vital organ’s functioning. So calories we intake expand in major three activity.

We consume energy for the vital functions of our body, Physical Activity, and the thematic effect of food. This TDEE calculator may help you to lose weight.

  • BMR:Vital Functions-Basal Metabolic Rate or Body Metabolic Rate is that how much energy expand to maintain the vital function of your body activity like blinking, heart pumping, blood circulating, etc.That if you rest on bed and do nothing, then the amount of energy need to maintain your body activity is BMR. It also maintains your body weight. It consumes 65-75% of the calories we intake daily.
  • Thematic Effect of Food:We need to digest the foods we intake. To digest the food it needs energy called the thematic effect of food.The thematic effect differs on food types Like protein food needs more energy. It is considered about 10% of the total calories burned during the day to digest the food.
  • Physical Activity:How much you move or physical activity during the day is required energy accordingly. The amount of activity a person undergoes as part of his daily activities like jobs, exercise, etc.It is approximate 15-35% of energy expended on physical activity. It is categorized as following according to activity level.
    1. Sedentary Lifestyle:Little or no exercise or office jobs
    2. Lightly Active:exercise 1-3 times/week with 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate activity.
    3. Moderately Active:exercise 4-5 times/week with 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate activity.
    4. Very Active:Intense exercise 6-7 time/week with 45-120 minutes of elevated heart rate activity.
    5. Extra Active:Very inense exercise daily, weight lifting etc. with 120+ minutes of elevated heart rate activity.

How to calculate TDEE?

The exact calculation of the TDEE of an individual is not possible. But we can calculate the approximate value of it.

On that base, we can correct our intake and maintain our weight and health. There are various methods to estimate TDEE as some well-known methods to calculate is BMR. There could be some difference in the result as BMR differs in different methods.

The most accurate method of calculating BMR is MIFFLIN – ST. JEOR EQUATION.

TDEE=(BMR) + (Thematice Effect of Food) + (Physical Activity)

How to use this TDEE calculate Online?

  1. Just enter valid data into required fields.
  2. Press “CALCULATE” button.
  3. The calculation shows your TDEE in the most accurate method considered worldwide, MIFFLIN – ST. JEOR EQUATION.
  4. To calculate again press ‘NEW CALCULATION’ button.

Features of this TDEE calculator:

  • It is a completely offline process for the calculation of your TDEE. we do not collect your information.
  • This online TDEE calculator displays the most accurate result from your data.
  • It is use for adult male or female only.
  • It also gives you over all concept of TDEE and how to calculate it.