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It is an estimation of ideal body weight of a person based on height on healthy BMI range.

Several formulads developed on research by scientists to estimate ideal body weight based on height. Some most widely used formulas follows here based on different values findings from research by scientist and scholars. Thease formulas developed for mainly drug dose calculations.

Formula Ideal weight
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Ideal body weight (IBW):

we all aware of overweight and obesity are largely responsible for most of the diseases. This ideal body weight(IBW) concept was mainly introduced to estimate medical dose. But it took in different perceptions in our society as media, fashion world promoted it as visuals appeal of a body.

Although, ideal body weight consider in different fields like defense, sports, fashion world. And it also helps people to maintain their body weight according to height to remain fit in lifestyle..

Ideal body weight(IBW) always not to be considered a perfect indicator for healthy body mesurement.

Ideal body weight for women and men:

In general with same BMI of man and women , women tends to have more fat then men. So level of body fitness may differ for same BMI for man and women. Therfore, females less in weight to men as male body consists higher percentage of muscle mass and bone density then female. And also it is observed that men tends to taller then women. That's why ideal body weight is different in men and women in same height and age.

Ideal weight for kids:

Due to body structure and height, the methods and mesurement procedure is different for children for the age 2-20 years of age. Children health status defined with percentile, calculated with age,gender,height and weight based on CDC guides line.

Ideal weight chart according to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) Chart for boys and girls are given below. To download the BMI CDC chart click the link below.

How to calculate ideal body weight(IBW)?

There are numerous methods developed by scientist and researchers to determine ideal body weight. Some of the popular researchers like G. J. Hamwi, B. J. Devine, J. D. Robinson, D. R. Miller presented formulas to estimate ideal weight. All thease formulas they defined based on height and gender.

B. J. Devine formula: Divine formula is similar to G.J. Hamwi formula. Later Robinson and Millar represented modified formula to estimate IBW. The main purpose of the formula was to define medicinal dose. Here is Divine formula below.

  • Male: 50.0 kg + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet
  • Female: 45.5 kg + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet

All the above formulas are based on height and adding values over 5ft with a fixed value defined different for men and women.

For Children: Due to body structure and height of kids agegroup between 2 to 20, the calculation method is different. It calculate according to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) chart given above. According to CDC or Centers for Disease Control an Prevention category considered percentile calculated base on BMI and Age and sex. The chart is different for boys and girls.

BMI Method: Another method is BMI method which is popular and common. It estimate in healthy BMI range. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) healthy BMI range is 24.9 kg/m2 for both male and female. Based on this it is easy to estimate the ideal body weight with body height.

BMI Formula:

BMI= Body mass(kg) / height(m)2

In this online IBW calculator we estimate based on BMI and other formulas like Devine and others based on height for men and women.

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Note: IBW is not the only indicator to determine the health status. Other health indicators also used along with the IBW to get your health status. In our online tools for IBW, tried our best to calculate accurate value. It is suggested to check other tools to comapre the value and consult with the certified medical practitioner.