DOB – Date of Birth Calculator?

What is your DOB or Date of Birth?

Simply Date of birth is in which date you have born.

Why you need this tool?

Sometimes you may forget your date of birth, you can remember your estimated age then this date of birth calculator could be handy to estimate your date of birth or simply DOB.

DOB=(Current Date) – (age)

Features of this DOB Calculator:

  • Your birthday date does not send to the server, it is a completely offline process.
  • Try to display accurate results.
  • Display the weekday on which you born.
  • Display the year and month of your estimated date of birth.

How to use this dob calculator?

  1. Fill form age in years, months, and days in the respective fields.
  2. Press “CALCULATE” button.
  3. The calculation shows the expected DOB in detail.