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Note: The calculation and status result is for an indication of your health only. You need to get suggestions from a certified expert for your heath plan. The equation that is used to estimate BMR is MIFFLIN – ST. JEOR EQUATION which is recommended by the US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


As per Max Wishnofskys research in 1954 one pound of body weight lost or gained is 3,500 calories. Therefore, to curb or gain one pound(454g) of weight need to intake an average of 500 more or fewer calories per day for a week.

Calorie intake during the week —–

Day1/2 pound loss1 pound loss

Note: Please consult certified doctors to plan to lose weight .5kg or 1/2 lbs per week.

About this calorie calculator:

This calorie calculator is to estimate your daily calorie need. The calculation is base on various calculation methods or equations from prominent researchers. Basically, your daily calorie need is the sum of BMR, calorie need for activities and the thematic effect of foods.

The calculation method used here is the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation, which is considered most an accurate method to estimate BMR and recommended by the US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. To understand and calculate your BMR use our BMR CALCULATOR.Though there are other methods like Harris-Benedict Equation, Katch-McArdle Formula to calculate BMR.

With this online tool, you can calculate estimate calorie need, body weight status, and zig-zag calorie distribution during the week to lose or gain weight. The result suggests you to decide to lose or to gain weight and planning food intake to maintain body health.

How to calculate calorie needs?

The exact calculation of the calorie needs of an individual is not possible. But we can calculate the approximate value of it. The most accurate method of calculating BMR is MIFFLIN – ST. JEOR EQUATION.

CALORIE NEED PER DAY=(BMR) + (Thematice Effect of Food) + (Physical Activity)

Features of this Calorie calculator:

  • It is a completely offline process. we do not collect your information.
  • This online Calorie calculator displays the most accurate result from your data.
  • It uses most popular equation,MIFFLIN – ST. JEOR EQUATION, considered most accurate.
  • It also calculate zig-zag seven(7) calorie plan to lose or gain weight.
  • Calculate your BMI lavel also.
  • It also gives you over all concept of calorie need to maintain fitness.

How to use this calorie calculator?

  • Just enter in required fields. Age, Sex, Bodyweight, height and Daily activity from dropdown
  • Press “CALCULATE” button.
  • The calculation shows your estimated daily calorie need as per Mifflin-St Jeor Equation and body weight status as per BMI and zig-zag chart of calories per day in a week.
  • To calculate again press ‘NEW CALCULATION’ button.