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Calculation is based on developed at the Naval Health Research Center by Hodgdon and Beckett in 1984.

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About body fat

Technically body fat is called adipose tissue. The main role of the body fat is as an energy storage dump. There are two types of body fat in terms of body requirements are storage body fat and essential body fat.

In terms of energy storage, a single pound of fat contains approx. 3500 calories of stored energy.

Essential body fat is the primary level of fat in body parts necessary to maintains various body functions. The essential body fat varies on males and females. Essential body fat for men 2-5% while 10-13% for women as per the American Council on Exercise Body Fat Categorization.

How to calculate body fat percentage (BFP)?

There are numerous methods to calculate body fat.Some of these popular methods as follows.

  • US NAVY METHOD:There are several methods but this method is used in our Body Fat Percentage Calculator. U.S. Navy fitness formula to get an estimated measuring of body fat percent. It used a tape measure on your height, waist, hip, and neck measurements. If you measure yourself then it will be easy to measure your body fat with this calculator.
  • SKINFOLD CALIPERS METHOD:This is the most widely used and easy use method. A device, skinfold caliper use to measure the thickness of a fold of skin with underlying fat in it. This method assumes that body fat is equally distributed over the body.There are several methods to calculate the fat percentage by skinfold caliper tool. Some popular are
    1. Jackson/Pollock 3-Site Measurement on Chest, Belly, Thigh.
    2. Jackson/Pollock 4-Site Measurement on Belly, Back of Upper Arm, Thigh, Hip.
    3. Durnin/Womersley 4-Site Measurement on Tricep – Back of Upper Arm, Bicep, Subscapular – Lower Tip of Shoulder Blade, Suprailiac – Hip.
    4. Jackson/Pollock 7-Site Measurement on Pectoral – Chest, Midaxilla – Armpit at Fifth Rib, Tricep – Back of Upper Arm, Subscapular – Lower Tip of Shoulder Blade, Abdomen – Belly, Suprailiac – Hip, Quadricep – Thigh
    5. Parrillo 9-Site Measurement on Pectoral – Chest, Abdomen -Belly, Quadricep -Thigh, Bicep, Tricep – Back of Upper Arm, Subscapular -Lower Tip of Shoulder Blade, Suprailiac -Hip, Lower Back, Calf.
  • TAPE MEASURE:Scientists and fitness experts have developed several formulas that can be used to estimate body fat percentage.
  • HYDROSTATIC METHOD:This method is also known as underwater weighing. This is also called hydrodensitometry. In this technique weigh you in underwater. This method is relatively quick and easy but there are several disadvantages also.
  • AIR DISPLACEMENT PLETHSNOGRAPHY (ADP):This method is similar to hydrostatic but here uses the air displacement method to measure.
  • DXA SCAN METHOD:This method is considered the most accurate and comprehensive method to estimate your body fat percentage.
  • BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS:In this method, a small electrical current used to get your body’s response and estimate your body fat percentage. There are some inexpensive devices available to measure your body fat.
  • BMI METHOD:A high BMI can also be an indicator of high body fat. Though it not considered the most accurate method to estimate.
    BFP in BMI Method=(1.39 * BMI) + (0.16 * AGE) – (10.34 * SEX) – 9 ,
    [SEX=1 for MALE and 0 for FEMALE]

Features of this body fat percentage calculator:

  • It is a completely offline process for the calculation of adult BMI. we do not collect your information.
  • This online Body fat percentage calculator displays the most accurate result from your data.
  • This calculator use US Navy Method and BMI method to calculate your body fat.
  • It also display your ideal body fat, lean body mass, fat mass and body fat category.
  • It also gives you over all concept of body fat and how to calculate body fat percentage.

How to use this body fat percentage calculator?

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  • The calculation shows four different methods’ calculations at a time.