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What is BMI?

BMI or Body Mass Index is an index which indicate human health based on height and weight of the body. The value calculated from body mass or weight and height of a person. The body mass devided by square of body height is indicatd Body Mass Index or BMI. The unit of BMI is Kg/m2, where kg for body mass in kilogram and height in mitre(m).

BMI indicator used to determine the underweight, normal weight, Overweight or obese of a person.

This indicator widely use to measure body health but it also has limitations. It is an esimation is not considered body composition. Difference in body type and distribution of bone, muscle and fat can not define BMI is only method to determine the health status. Other health indicators also used along with th BMI.

BMI for women or men:

Adult women with more then 20 years of age considered normal if BMI falls between 18.5 - 24.9 kg/m2 for all body types and ages.In general with same BMI of man and women , women tends to have more fat then men.So level of body fitness may differ for same BMI for man and women.

Simalarly, older people tends to have more fat than younger and athletis have less fat than non-athletis.

BMI calculation for children:

The methods and mesurement procedure is different for children for the age 2-20 years of age. Children health status defined with percentile, calculated with age,gender,height and weight based on CDC guides line.

BMI CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) Chart for boys and girls according to BMI-age percentile growth given below. To download the BMI CDC chart click the link below.

How to calculate BMI?

A simple general method or formula use to determine the BMI of a person is to devide body mass by square of height. To calculate BMI in SI units the body mass considered in Kilogram and height in mitre and in USC system body mass is considered in pounds and height in inches. Besides Ponderal Index (PI) methods used similar to BMI.


BMI= Body mass(kg) / height(m)2


BMI= 703 x Body mass(lbs) / height(in)2

Categories based on BMI for Women, Men, Children and Teens.

WHO's catagories for adults Men and women: The World Health Organisation recommanded following catagories for BMI. The healty BMI range considered 18.5 - 24.9 kg/m2

BMI Status / Category
<16 Severe Thinness
16 - 17 Moderate Thinness
17 - 18.5 Mild Thinness
18.5 - 25 Normal
25 - 30 Overweight
30 - 35 Obese Class I
35 - 40 Obese Class II
>40 Obese Class III

BMI category for children and teens on age 2 to 20 years: According to CDC or Centers for Disease Control an Prevention category considered percentile calculated base on BMI and Age and sex. Table shows below the category based on percentile.The CDC chart are different for boys and girls.

Percentile (%ile) Status / Category
<5% Underweight
5% - 85% Healthy Weight
85% - 95% Overweight
>95% Obese

Who should not use BMI?

The following person should not use BMI

  1. Muscle builders
  2. Pregnent women
  3. Young or elderly children
  4. Athletis

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Note: BMI is not the only indicator to determine the health status. Other health indicators also used along with th BMI to get your health status. In our online tools for BMI, tried our best to calculate accurate value. It is suggested to check other tools to comapre the value.