Birthday Calculator – When is my Birthday?

What is birthday calculator?

On which weekday you were born, is your birthday.

As we know there are 7 weekdays namely Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. This birthday calculator calculate on which day within seven days you were born.

It also calculate number of days remain to your next birthday and your age on current date.

To calculate detail of your age i.e. how many days, month, years ,hours, seconds you have been alive use our age calculator.

Half birthday calculator:

Based on your birthday adding six(6) months is your half birth day. Simply mid of the year between your two birthday is half birthday.

Features of this birthday calculator:

  • It is a completely offline process. we do not collect your birthday information.
  • This online birthday calculator displays the most accurate result from your dob.
  • It also calculate your age on current date in multiple formats like years, months, days.
  • This also displays the number of days that remain your next birthday. It also represent in bar number of days until your birthday.
  • It calculate your next half birthday date.

How to use this online birthday calculator?

  1. Just select date of birth.
  2. Press “CALCULATE” button.
  3. The calculation shows instantly in details withoit uploading server.
  4. For another calculation click ‘NEW CALCULATION’ button.