Age Calculator – How old am I?

When someone asked you about your age, you may answer based on the time in years or months or weeks or hours that you have passed since you were born. This is also your chronological age.

Therefore, the interval between the date of birth and the current date or specified date is your age. This is a common method to calculate the age of a person.

Though, there are different concept and counting methods in different countries through out the world.

But most of the world and most western countries use the age system on a person that has lived on his birthday. Like 3years and 5months 10days.

In some countries like China, they maintain the Chinese calendar to calculate the age of an individual. Like if a person born during a year in the Chinese calendar, counting the age of 1 year. If the next year comes after 1(one) month of his born, his age is counted age of 2(two) years.

How old am I today?

In the western method the calculation method is

AGE=(Current Date) – (Date of Birth)

For example, A person born on 12th March-2016, and age on date 10th March-2020 is as following calculation.

Features of this age calculator:

  • It is a completely offline process. we do not collect your birthday information.
  • This online age calculator displays the most accurate result from your dob.
  • It displays your age in multiple formats like years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds.
  • This online age calculator also displays the number of days that remain your next birthday. It also represent in bar number of days until your birthday.

How to use this online age calculator?

  1. Just select date of birth.
  2. select current date or on date you want age.
  3. Press “CALCULATE” button.
  4. The calculation shows instantly in details.
  5. For another calculation click ‘NEW CALCULATION’ button.

After age calculation is done, the details about age in years, months, week, days, minutes, seconds, the next birthday will be displayed.